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Read Confused Again Novel Full Episode

Synopsis of the Novel "Confused Again"

He firmly believed that she was the murderer who killed the girl he loved and sent her to a women's prison. The torture of three years in prison transformed her. He was no longer the sun to her, but the devil in hell.

"It wasn't me. You gotta believe me!" Jane Dunn stared stubbornly at the person in the car. The roaring rain had splashed across the car window, but she could still vaguely see that cold hard face beyond the wet window. Jane's body shook as she stood outside the door, shouting at him past the car window, "Sean! At least hear me out!"

The car door opened suddenly, but before Jane could rejoice, she was yanked into the car ruthlessly. She fell onto his body, instantly drenching his crisp white shirt.

"Sean, I wasn't the one who hired those thugs to hurt Rosaline..." As soon as Jane said that, a long and slender finger pinched her chin mercilessly. His uniquely deep and mesmerizing voice spoke above her head. "Do you really like me that much?"

His cold voice, and that faint scent of tobacco—his scent.

"What?" Jane was a little dazed. Everyone and their mother knew that she liked him, so why was he suddenly asking her that now?

The man held Jane's chin with one hand, while his other slender and strong hand stretched toward her. His finger landed gently on her cheek, wet and cold from the rain. Jane drowned in his warm tender eyes, losing herself completely. She could almost hear him asking her, "Are you cold?"

A piece of news bombarded today’s hottest news in Damoria.

The rich Winthrop Family had agreed to an engagement for their son many years ago and it turned out that the woman had been raised in the countryside. Most importantly, the Winthrops had five very handsome sons and they were going to let that countrywoman pick one of them as her betrothed.

The public was shocked. Soon enough, the media dug up the woman’s photo. Inside the picture was a tanned and plump woman, who was stereotypically known as a country bumpkin.

Therefore, the netizens all criticized her, saying she was not worthy of those Winthrop men.

In the meantime, three luxury cars pulled to a stop outside a simple, self-built home in a historical town hundreds of miles outside of Damoria. Then, five handsome men with exquisite facial features descended the car and the scene almost looked like a feast for the eyes.

Right after they alighted from the car, the fifth brother, Max Winthrop, complained, “I think I’m about to throw up. What kind of place is this? It’s hot and dirty.”

The fourth brother, Arthur Winthrop, said discontentedly, “You’re right. What was Dad thinking? How could he let a country bumpkin choose one of us as her fiancé and order all of us to send her to Damoria personally?”

All five of them had sullen expressions. If their father, who suffered from high blood pressure, had not threatened them with stopping his medications, they would not have even come here.

“Alright. Knock on the door.” The one speaking was the oldest son, Callum Winthrop, but there was also a trace of displeasure on his equally handsome face.

Walking forward, Max knocked on the door, which only opened a few minutes later.

As the ‘front man’, he was shocked at what he saw. The woman before him had delicate facial features, fair skin, and wavy hair that was let down. Though she was wearing a simple white T-shirt, she looked elegant.

Novel Description

  • Title: Confused Again
  • Publisher: Novel Sky
  • Author: -
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: English

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After reading the synopsis, you must be even more curious, right? This Romance novel is indeed very exciting to read. Its interesting and non-boring story keeps readers curious and eager to continue reading until the end.

If you want to read this novel in PDF version, you can do so on the Novel Sky application. The reading process is very easy, and you can follow the tutorial below.

  • First, download and install the Novel Sky application from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Once installed on your phone, open the application.
  • After that, in the search field, type the complete title of the novel, "Confused Again."
  • If find it, you can start reading it immediately.
  • Finished.

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